The Project

"If you could be granted one wish, what would you wish for?" I asked Judith Markelz, the program manager of the Warrior and Family Support Center formerly named the Soldier and Family Assistance Center.  After thinking a minute, she replied - "Our dream is to have a new building to house a new Support Center where we could do a better job of providing care to the wounded and burned military personnel, and their families." 

Our goal to help make the dream of a new building has come true!

As you have read over the material on the Warrior and Family Support Center, I am sure that your heart has been touched by the sacrifice that has been made by the "Wounded Warriors" that come through the BAMC burn unit and the Center for the Intrepid.  It is impossible not to feel compassion for the men and women who have given so much for each of us.

You may ask yourself, "I want to help these servicemen and women, but what can I do?

The new Warrior and Family Support Center, referred to the Returning Heroes Home, is now located across the street from where to previous center was located.  The new center provides a "living room" environment, to provide all of the comforts of home, while the Wounded Warriors and their families are so far away from their own.  The previous center was a 1,200 square foot room barely large enough to help the large numbers Judith and the community currently serves.  This center that was anticipated to close in 2008, due to privatization of the hotel that was hosting the center is now a  new 12,000 square foot  building replaced the existing assistance center and the dedicated building includes the following:

  • Large social gathering area
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Dining room
  • Learning facility for computerized training
  • Private counseling rooms
  • Business center with high speed internet access
  • Game room
  • Large open front and back porch areas

The project has been designed to retain the same "closeness" that is found in the existing center that allows the Wounded Warriors and their families to be in close contact with each other by drawing upon their shared experiences for strength and understanding.


The purpose of the "Phase II Therapeutic Garden and Recreation Area" is to further expand the primary mission of Returning Heroes Home, Inc., which is to provide the best possible healing environment for our nations wounded and their families.  To learn more about Phase II

If your heart has been touched by these men and women, and you would like to help make our dream come true, please click on the Donation button on the Home page of this site.